The SEO services provided by the make them click website traffic team are designed to do just that. Get you more targeted website traffic. We do this with a laser focus on building more authority for your website in the eyes of the search engines. When this happens you’ll see the traffic to your website increase.

Do you want to see that? If you do then here is a brief overview of some of the seo services and strategies we use to get the results you’re looking forward to.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know the top twenty social bookmarking websites that let you generate fresh back links to your website? That’s ok if you don’t, because we do. By picking the right ones we’ll use these services and create a listing on these for your business and integrate and link them all together. This is going to help drive visitors and potential customers to your main website all on auto-pilot once it’s set up.

Local Search Marketing

With the explosion of mobile smart phones, you can bet your local customers are searching for your products and services. If you take up this service we will help you with keyword research so you can target qualified buyers in your geographic area. Plus let us take the hassle out of setting up and claiming your Google places listing so you’re found in the search engines when people look for the products and services you offer. If you’re not doing this your competitors are, or they will be soon. Want to beat them to it?

Article Marketing

Using the right online directories, you can add your website into specific categories and instantly establish back links to your website. But you have to know which ones and how to do it properly. You want to develop a natural back link campaign to avoid being penalised. That’s why we encourage our clients to invest a minimum of three months to get the best results. But you can relax in the realisation that we know how, and can take care of this for you when you’re ready.

Blog Marketing

A great strategy to build back links is from blog commenting. In addition to generating consistent traffic to your website you can write an article or content that offers helpful advice, or information. This positions you as an expert in your industry. By using the phrase you want to be found for in the search engines we’ll take care of the back linking part. All you have to do is continue to provide the content and information that helps you land more business and customers. Sound like a good plan?

Forum Marketing

Want to get links from ‘authority’ sites that go directly to your website? The more of these types of links you have the greater chance you have to increase website traffic. We will use the keyword or keyword phrase that you chose and include this into the forum signature and content where appropriate. You can become a go to source for information about your industry without having to spend countless hours finding the best forums and contributing comments.

Press Releases

Using online Press Release services can be a great way to highlight your business and build links. The best press release services let you enter your whole website address and key phrases as well as social bookmarking tags. Plus done strategically these links can spread all over the web increasing web traffic to your site. All of this working together and implemented correctly should see a press release strategy result in more sales for you.