As the cost of living continues to escalate, many people are incorporating cheaper lifestyle options to make life manageable. The decision to use solar panels is more than welcomed in many homes. It is also a green solution hence ensuring that you are doing the right thing for the environment.

Installation of 6kw solar systems has become a standard solution for most homes. The number of panels required will be dependable on the size of the panels used. When you decide to buy solar panels, there are various factors that you should have in mind to make it a worthwhile and long- lasting investment.

There are three major types of photovoltaic panels available.

Portable – These are small gadgets that supply low voltages to handheld or portable gadgets. They are easy to move around and can be rolled or folded. The type of photovoltaic panel to use will depend on the application.

Residential – They are mostly recommended for residential areas and are much larger than portable panels. They are customised to the electrical needs of a home.

Commercial –They are made using crystalline silicon and string-ribbon technology. Commercial photovoltaic panels require inverters to convert direct current to alternating current. They conform the electricity supply to the needs of the commercial areas.

You will also need to decide on whether you want on-grid or off-grid 6kw solar systems. This will ensure that you can get a power supply at all times. To decide on this, you will have to ask yourself a few questions to aid you in making the right decision.

  • How many devices do you want to power?
  • Do you need a simple installation?
  • Do you want to use it to lower energy bills?
  • Are you considering supplying back to the supplier and get paid?
  • Do you want to power up outdoor appliances as well? However, if you are in a remote place, you will need a more extensive solar energy system to ensure that you get enough power.
  • Grid-tied The on-grid system has its plus side, and they include the following;
  • Low bills- You will cater to some of your energy needs since the supply will be from renewable sources.
  • Income- You can earn if you have a surplus supply by selling it back to the supplier.

However, you will need to incur installation costs since a professional will have to do it. The installation has to be done to comply with your energy supplier’s connection needs. You might also have to purchase additional equipment to ensure you get a 6kw solar system.


If your supply is entirely off-grid, you will get the following benefits;

Independence –You will be completely independent and no longer have to worry about blackouts, price increments, or any other problems.

Low energy bills – This will be linked to the amount of energy you can harness.
Minimal paperwork – Anything to do with the installation will be your responsibility. You will

not require any compliance certificates from the energy provider.

You will have to ensure that you have a good supply of batteries to store enough electricity when there is not enough sunshine. This can be costly and also require ample storage space.

If you have some extraordinary DIY abilities, you can try setting up your off-grid system. You can start small before progressing to a more extensive setup. You will also be able to conduct minor repairs and servicing yourself.

There are numerous brands available in the market, and you have to ensure you get the best. Professionals in solar panel companies can provide you with further insight on which brands to go for. They will need to know the size of your solar panel system.

You will also be required to be familiar with your average energy consumption and the number of sun hours at your location. This will guide them in determining the specifications you need for your panels and the necessary components to go with them. Depending on your budget, they might advise you to install several solar generators to match your household supply needs.

You can always do the installation in phases, especially if you are on a tight budget. Bear in mind that the specification for each option may vary. It is crucial to purchase a system that conforms to your requirements to avoid spending more money than necessary. You will be able to make an informed decision that will be beneficial for you.