Connectors have been widely used in the engineering field because of the effectiveness that it brings to audio, data, video and other devices. Read on to learn more.

What is Backshell connector?

Backshell is the part that separates a section from the connector head which is used to secure a cable through a clamp to the connector. This component is designed to act as a receptacle that facilitates the cabling and it also accommodates the clamping device which is used as an electrical connector shell. It may also be used to shield against physical damage, mechanical electrical interference which os brought by harsh environmental conditions. Backshellacts as a shield between interconnecting cable and the connectors.
Some backshells can have a cable clamp that secures the cable to the connector. In some cases, the cable drain or the cable shield can be connected to the back shell.

What is shell size of connector?

The connector is usually made of two components which is a receptacle and a plug and they are available in various shapes. Therefore, when it comes to the shell size of the connector then we can use the military connectors which belong primarily the circular connector family although they are rectangular connectors that can be categorized into the secondary family. In most of these designs, the standard temperature range of these connectors is between -65 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Therefore the main shell of a circular connector has a size range of 0.375 -3.25 or even higher. Additionally,the most common shell size has a dimensional range of 0.0625 starting at the Shell size 8 to shell size 36. For instance, if the outside diameter of the shell size 24 can be determined by 24*0.625=1.50
Connectors attach the backshell within 0.062 of the shell size.

What is MIL C?

This is among the military standards of defense specification which is accorded to polarized shield rectangular micro-miniature electrical connectors with non-removable creams contacts which can be used in conjunction with DOD STD 1842 to describe the arrangement MIL-DTL 83527 panel connector, claimed Mil spec Wiring.

What Does Amphenol mean?

Amphenol is a popular corporation which is known in the production of fiber optic connectors, electronic interconnected and cable systems such as coaxial cables. Its original name was American phenolic operation and it mainly deals with the connectors. Its headquarters located in Connecticut in Wallingford. The company was started in 1993 and specializes in the manufacturing of fiber optic systems and the expanded is territories in December 2006 because of the increasing demand.

What is a scoop proof connector?

Scoop proof connector is a terminology used to describe a Shell design on the pin off of a receptacle or a plugin. The longer the plug spin contacts to protrude from the connector which makes a twist and the damage that can result from the mating shell during the mating process because it is recessed effectively.

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