As the cost of living continues to escalate, many people are incorporating cheaper lifestyle options to make life manageable. The decision to use solar panels is more than welcomed in many homes. It is also a green solution hence ensuring that you are doing the right thing for the environment.

Installation of 6kw solar systems has become a standard solution for most homes. The number of panels required will be dependable on the size of the panels used. When you decide to buy solar panels, there are various factors that you should have in mind to make it a worthwhile and long- lasting investment.

There are three major types of photovoltaic panels available.

Portable – These are small gadgets that supply low voltages to handheld or portable gadgets. They are easy to move around and can be rolled or folded. The type of photovoltaic panel to use will depend on the application.

Residential – They are mostly recommended for residential areas and are much larger than portable panels. They are customised to the electrical needs of a home.

Commercial –They are made using crystalline silicon and string-ribbon technology. Commercial photovoltaic panels require inverters to convert direct current to alternating current. They conform the electricity supply to the needs of the commercial areas.

You will also need to decide on whether you want on-grid or off-grid 6kw solar systems. This will ensure that you can get a power supply at all times. To decide on this, you will have to ask yourself a few questions to aid you in making the right decision.

  • How many devices do you want to power?
  • Do you need a simple installation?
  • Do you want to use it to lower energy bills?
  • Are you considering supplying back to the supplier and get paid?
  • Do you want to power up outdoor appliances as well? However, if you are in a remote place, you will need a more extensive solar energy system to ensure that you get enough power.
  • Grid-tied The on-grid system has its plus side, and they include the following;
  • Low bills- You will cater to some of your energy needs since the supply will be from renewable sources.
  • Income- You can earn if you have a surplus supply by selling it back to the supplier.

However, you will need to incur installation costs since a professional will have to do it. The installation has to be done to comply with your energy supplier’s connection needs. You might also have to purchase additional equipment to ensure you get a 6kw solar system.


If your supply is entirely off-grid, you will get the following benefits;

Independence –You will be completely independent and no longer have to worry about blackouts, price increments, or any other problems.

Low energy bills – This will be linked to the amount of energy you can harness.
Minimal paperwork – Anything to do with the installation will be your responsibility. You will

not require any compliance certificates from the energy provider.

You will have to ensure that you have a good supply of batteries to store enough electricity when there is not enough sunshine. This can be costly and also require ample storage space.

If you have some extraordinary DIY abilities, you can try setting up your off-grid system. You can start small before progressing to a more extensive setup. You will also be able to conduct minor repairs and servicing yourself.

There are numerous brands available in the market, and you have to ensure you get the best. Professionals in solar panel companies can provide you with further insight on which brands to go for. They will need to know the size of your solar panel system.

You will also be required to be familiar with your average energy consumption and the number of sun hours at your location. This will guide them in determining the specifications you need for your panels and the necessary components to go with them. Depending on your budget, they might advise you to install several solar generators to match your household supply needs.

You can always do the installation in phases, especially if you are on a tight budget. Bear in mind that the specification for each option may vary. It is crucial to purchase a system that conforms to your requirements to avoid spending more money than necessary. You will be able to make an informed decision that will be beneficial for you.

Connectors have been widely used in the engineering field because of the effectiveness that it brings to audio, data, video and other devices. Read on to learn more.

What is Backshell connector?

Backshell is the part that separates a section from the connector head which is used to secure a cable through a clamp to the connector. This component is designed to act as a receptacle that facilitates the cabling and it also accommodates the clamping device which is used as an electrical connector shell. It may also be used to shield against physical damage, mechanical electrical interference which os brought by harsh environmental conditions. Backshellacts as a shield between interconnecting cable and the connectors.
Some backshells can have a cable clamp that secures the cable to the connector. In some cases, the cable drain or the cable shield can be connected to the back shell.

What is shell size of connector?

The connector is usually made of two components which is a receptacle and a plug and they are available in various shapes. Therefore, when it comes to the shell size of the connector then we can use the military connectors which belong primarily the circular connector family although they are rectangular connectors that can be categorized into the secondary family. In most of these designs, the standard temperature range of these connectors is between -65 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Therefore the main shell of a circular connector has a size range of 0.375 -3.25 or even higher. Additionally,the most common shell size has a dimensional range of 0.0625 starting at the Shell size 8 to shell size 36. For instance, if the outside diameter of the shell size 24 can be determined by 24*0.625=1.50
Connectors attach the backshell within 0.062 of the shell size.

What is MIL C?

This is among the military standards of defense specification which is accorded to polarized shield rectangular micro-miniature electrical connectors with non-removable creams contacts which can be used in conjunction with DOD STD 1842 to describe the arrangement MIL-DTL 83527 panel connector, claimed Mil spec Wiring.

What Does Amphenol mean?

Amphenol is a popular corporation which is known in the production of fiber optic connectors, electronic interconnected and cable systems such as coaxial cables. Its original name was American phenolic operation and it mainly deals with the connectors. Its headquarters located in Connecticut in Wallingford. The company was started in 1993 and specializes in the manufacturing of fiber optic systems and the expanded is territories in December 2006 because of the increasing demand.

What is a scoop proof connector?

Scoop proof connector is a terminology used to describe a Shell design on the pin off of a receptacle or a plugin. The longer the plug spin contacts to protrude from the connector which makes a twist and the damage that can result from the mating shell during the mating process because it is recessed effectively.

Finally, the connector world has specialized in electrical and defense connectors to provide high-quality electrical components and mil-spec. They have a team of experts which deals with all kinds of connectors link up with them and learn more about connectors.

Have you ever had that strange feeling that somebody is watching you? Believe it or not, technology is watching all of us, on daily basis and there really is not much that can be done about it. We all love being helped by technology, by providing turn by turn directions from GPS navigation devices, routing us in unfamiliar places with Google maps apps for smart phones and essentially helping us locate anything in seconds. Although, there is an abundance of positive applications of 3g gps tracker and other technological tools, using geo – location data, what many people may not realize is that the cars they own, could very well be under satellite tracking surveillance.

Screenshot 2016-12-22 13.56.43

GPS for Car Dealers

GPS tracking technology had increased in popularity and as a result, GPS trackers have even started being employed by used car dealers. In the World of used car sales, there are many financial pitfalls to keep in mind. Zooming around in the back of dealership owner’s head are ideas, about how to reduce business related costs. That is why, some used car dealership owners have come to realize the benefit of using GPS trackers, for cars they finance.

Safety in Dealing

Dealers know that selling a used car to someone, who has terrible credentials is always a risk and it is for this reason that so many dealerships are turning to GPS tracking technology, to sell vehicles to buyers that appear to be a liability. If there happens to be a buyer that defaults on payment, GPS trackers are, what interest the used dealership owners the most.

Car Recovery Through GPS

A dealer always knows, where their cars are, with the help of mapping features. The GPS car tracker is only placed in the used cars, which are being financed through the dealership, making it possible for them to recover the car from the buyer, in the case if buyer is unable to pay monthly installments for the car. It makes easier to understand that hope this increases leadership security and enables them to sell cars to clients, with less than perfect or no credit at all.

Legitimacy in Paper Work

To maintain validity, the clients are required to sign an agreement upon purchase, which gives the dealership approval to complete GPS tracking installation. The contract usually includes statements informing the clients that they are not allowed to remove, deactivate or damage the vehicle tracking devices. It is of no surprise that many clients agree to this because it means they can be financed.

Payment Notification Through GPS

As a bonus, the gps tracker Australia can even be scheduled to send alerts to the clients, in order to warn them that their payment is late, thus, giving them some time to remedy this prior to the car being repossessed. The dealership profits can remain steady and the business remains secure, with the help of GPS trackers. This is fantastic for dealerships, as no one wants to lose out on profits due to high risk customers.

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Local Search Marketing

With the explosion of mobile smart phones, you can bet your local customers are searching for your products and services. If you take up this service we will help you with keyword research so you can target qualified buyers in your geographic area. Plus let us take the hassle out of setting up and claiming your Google places listing so you’re found in the search engines when people look for the products and services you offer. If you’re not doing this your competitors are, or they will be soon. Want to beat them to it?

Article Marketing

Using the right online directories, you can add your website into specific categories and instantly establish back links to your website. But you have to know which ones and how to do it properly. You want to develop a natural back link campaign to avoid being penalised. That’s why we encourage our clients to invest a minimum of three months to get the best results. But you can relax in the realisation that we know how, and can take care of this for you when you’re ready.

Blog Marketing

A great strategy to build back links is from blog commenting. In addition to generating consistent traffic to your website you can write an article or content that offers helpful advice, or information. This positions you as an expert in your industry. By using the phrase you want to be found for in the search engines we’ll take care of the back linking part. All you have to do is continue to provide the content and information that helps you land more business and customers. Sound like a good plan?

Forum Marketing

Want to get links from ‘authority’ sites that go directly to your website? The more of these types of links you have the greater chance you have to increase website traffic. We will use the keyword or keyword phrase that you chose and include this into the forum signature and content where appropriate. You can become a go to source for information about your industry without having to spend countless hours finding the best forums and contributing comments.

Press Releases

Using online Press Release services can be a great way to highlight your business and build links. The best press release services let you enter your whole website address and key phrases as well as social bookmarking tags. Plus done strategically these links can spread all over the web increasing web traffic to your site. All of this working together and implemented correctly should see a press release strategy result in more sales for you.

In today’s business environment a website is a basic necessity, but very few understand how to truly gain the full benefits from their web environment.

Others understand they need to do more but either don’t know what to do or simply don’t have the time to concentrate on this part of their marketing process.

Web Traffic Services

Approved SEO Providers

We hand pick the best service providers to get the results you want. If you don’t know your SEO from your SEM or your PPC it doesn’t matter. We talk the language and make sure you get what you’re after without having to understand all the jargon. You focus on your business we’ll go talk geek if we have to.

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Social Media Simplified

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SEO Cost Savings

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Many persons who are new in online businesses, especially those interested in affiliate marketing, make the initial mistake of spending money through registration on sites that promise them hundreds of databases where they will be automatically employed. Some claim that they will issue them keywords that will help them in making more sales and more profit, most of which turn out to be scams.

The best you can do is to save your money and stop wasting it on these abundant scam sites. There are several helpful and free tools which you can use to do your keyword research or even finding a niche. One of the ways that you can effectively do a keyword research is by narrowing down the keywords and entering the most relevant keyword into the particular search engine box you are using, within seconds the results are displayed for you to choose what you want.

In carrying out keyword research, it is not compulsory that you have to enter all the words that depict the particular business you are promoting. As much as you can, stay away from known keywords since there is the possibility that other affiliate marketers have already used them. Another factor to keep in mind is spelling. For example, most United States English words are spelt differently from United Kingdom English words. In using the search engine, try using other spellings of your keyword and you will be amazed on what you will find.

Having a personal blog or website where you will advertise most of the products and services you want to market is very important in affiliate marketing. It is pertinent to bear in mind that there is hardly any niche where there is no competition. But in choosing your niche, go for one where you will be able to compete positively. Do not be discouraged by the fact that a lot of bloggers are already in the niche you want to follow, most times a niche’s profit rate is determined by the number of marketers in it, also it is good to have competitors so that you will always be “up and doing”. What matters most is if you have the courage to compete and have your fair dividend of the online market.

One of the tools used in keyword research is Google Search. All you have to do is just to enter the keywords you are researching into the box of the search engine, click search and the results are displayed with little or no effort. From the results displayed, you will determine the page rank of the sites you are researching.

Another tool is SEMRush, a Multi-purpose SEO Tool that includes keyword research. It is a site that is very simple to use in keyword research. All it takes if for you to know the terms to use, type it into the sites search engine box, click search and in split seconds, it displays page(s) through which you will now confirm the number of times that those keywords have been searched of recent.